Tuesday, October 4, 2011

decisions, decisions

At some point I need to tell the story of how I got the space we are moving into. It is a great story. But not today.
HEY!! anyone want to know the real difference between LOWES and HOME DEPOT?? read this blog, the truth will be revealed at the end (HINT: it is the reason you would chose one over the other at night time)

Things are moving at a very fast pace at 677 Toland. I'm too tired to blog most night so I'm getting WAY behind with progress report and photos.
My days have been filled with decisions that I will have to live with for a very long time. While I'm a slob in actual practice my education is in art and design and I take ascetics very seriously. Fortunately I have students like graphic designer Monica DuClaud and the team of designers Tim and Kaj to advise me. I love decorating so for me that is the fun part. Monica and Tim and Kaj are so wonderful to take it all so seriously. As a result things like color are coming out nicer than I ever imagined!! Tim and I plan the other details constantly.
Every decision is multi faceted. Take the flooring in my (and mom's) office for example. Linoleum or carpet?  Mom gets to advise on the materials,"linoleum she says... "easy to clean, Brink and Ty are getting old, the poop and vomit factor strongly point to linoleum". Off I go find the perfect linoleum, find it, buy it and have them hold it. Up comes the hideously stained carpet to show the tiled floor covered with carpet glue, a  not so great  surface for linoleum. Call Mom, she says "well Brink and Ty are old and linoleum is so slick and the fact is carpet would provide way better traction and  be MUCH easier to install" Back to Floor Craft, find the perfect carpet, exchange it for the linoleum, the end, no? NO!
Have to match new paint to the new carpet now and kiss off the effort to find the perfect paint to match the now returned linoleum.....

Pretty much the same exact story is repeated for the bathrooms. The choosing, the matching the returning and on it goes.

So now that both rooms are done can anyone tell me how the paint in the bathroom and the office could possibly look like the same friggin color?? Someone already asked me "how come you painted the office and the bathrooms the same color". Please don't ask me that. They not the same and have been chosen from a highly sophisticated palate, thank you very much.

Every step requires a team to get it just right.. the lights, the floors,  the walls, the reception area, the crating area, the kitchen area. Every steps requires consideration to budget, safety and convenience to both dog and client. I have some great photos of the progress coming soon!

PLEASE help me find home for free scrap lumber for fire wood, it is too expensive to pay to go to the dump!!!
LOWES vs HOME DEPOT: is it the products?  no! The service? no! (maybe Lowes is better)  is the impulse items at the check out? YES !! After 9:00 pm you will find me at HOME DEPOT, they have candy instead of batteries at the check out stand!! you heard it here first!!

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