Sunday, October 9, 2011

the wood people part two

oops posted to quick on that last one:
this is Kit and his buddy, they paid for wood with apples from santa cruz that were nothing special and never got eaten. But they were fun non the less....

I decided I best to go with possibly a higher class chap and made some calls. Within a day carpenter Dick Draxler (old buddy and past land lord) took some of the plywood. He promised to mail a check..... one step up from apples !  I did not get a photo of Dick.... DRATS!

I remembered that my dear friend Belinda Head (former ACE instructor and damn fine agility competitor) had recently become subject to bouts of obsessive, compulsive building of things.
There is a name for that, I have no idea what it is but I know there are two distinct types. Belinda belongs to the group that actually FINISHES the projects.
That being the fact we feel it safe enough to encourage this seemingly harmless pass time, so I called....

I was at the chiropractor and ask her if she could use some wood. YES! Belinda is helping us build a chicken coop. " 'course she is" I say. I told Belinda that I thought the building gig was cute and all but getting chickens was pushing it. After building her family a chicken coup that is was creatively  designed  both functionally and esthetically she's now craving a next generation coup. Clearly peddling the whole "it'll be fun, just think fresh eggs everyday" bit to innocent families in the city is the best way to keep her "building the perfect chicken coup" dream alive.  I have fresh eggs every day too, it says so on the carton.

I set it up for them to get there together, I sealed the deal by throwing in Mom for more bait, they both love Mom. Truxton saw Belinda teach Ricki the difference between trash and treasure when it comes to wood. After a little trouble with logistics and automobiles it was decided a second trip would be needed to actually take the wood away......

In closing : This is my personal little project.... I have been working on it
for three weeks now. Tip of the day: remove the base board before you try to fit sticky tiles down. If you don't... you'll be sorry. Yes that is a urinal, were uptown I'm tellin' ya!

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