Friday, October 21, 2011

A new phase is here

Today is OCT 21 and I think we can move in by the first!! It will take many things to work but so far I have been a lucky lady as many things are just falling into place.

Last week was the beginning of the finishing touches, we will be in this stage for a while. It will over lap with the moving stage. A big part of the move will start on Saturday (tomorrow).

Robert put in the sliding glass doors
this week and we had instant transformation.
The big 8 foot glass door was my big, unplanned splurge. Getting TWO of them (one for each training space) was just pure decadence!
It is beginning to look like more than just a warehouse now.
Blancett mentioned the cleaning of them and Kelly and Tim told me horror stories about people and dogs running into glass doors.
Kill Joys.
I reluctantly shopped for window decals tonight, it's that or I'm thinking the darwin effect could come into play on this one.

this will be the student lounge area

Tuesday was the freak out day this week when the
 floors arrived 10 days early with no notice, most of you know this because I finally had to pull the plug on some classes.

The truck driver was HOOT!! Lucky that one of my favorite craigs list
 buddies (Jeff with a JRT named LUCY) was there doing a dump run! If he had not been
 there we would have never gotten the flooring from the truck to the warehouse. As it was we all heaved and hoed and pushed and pulled. Each roll is 650 pounds and there were three rolls on each pallet.  The pallets were breaking like match sticks and kept getting stuck on everything, I broke my "please don't get hurt" number of reps in shortest amount of time on Tuesday.

This is my good buddy Logan! He is Mom's great nephew and they stopped in by chance and got in on the action. A trip to McDonalds was the only logical next step. Mom, Logan, Jeff and I had a splendid lunch to celebrate the arrival of the flooring

Hey I'm getting caught up here!! Only 3 days behind
but I do need to add Tim's ceiling, my floor project update and Mom's craig list adventures to really have you totally up to speed.


  1. this is so exciting! You're doing an amazing job and I love reading the updates. Can't wait to have class in the new space.

  2. Love the piñata
    So excited about your new space! Awesome post.