Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cob webs and painters

I'm behind with the updates by a full week again !! OH WELL!
This week it feels like we will never actually run dogs in here and there was not much to do last week .... but HUGE progress was made before then! :

The painters have come and gone.... my good friend from way long time ago Andy Smith brought in his crew and did a crackin' job! talk about amazing !

patching the walls was a really big deal, there were many many holes, guess who blew the "before" shots on the "before and after" gig ? yeah.....

this was the first color test, I loved it but it was a bit too dark
I found out on the third change it ends up on the walls, not in another little square next to another little square, good thing I loved it!

these guys worked like crazy, even on sunday!
the way to a mans paint brush the same way as to his heart... DONUTS

this is taken from the mezzanine! look how small those guys look!!

At one point during the paining there were like 6 people working.
I kept thinking "WHO IS PAYING all these people?" oh yeah.... then I would remember....

the cob webs on the 28 foot ceiling were driving me nuts so they had to come down some how and I wanted to change all the light bulbs at the same time... so Andy let "us" (my favorite word!) borrow his scaffolding. I thought we only had it for one night and Robert had to work late that night. SO at MIDNIGHT Robert climbed a later ON TOP of the scaffold and I pushed him around from light bulb to cob web to light bulb. I spent the time rotating my thoughts from CPR and triage review to my insurance policy details. I went from asking Robert "can you get that one?" to "OK OK, that is good enough ! Stop reaching over so far" to "ooooh you gotta get that big one over there"...... cob webs are down! lights are in!

fearless Robert on ladder on scaffold! I think the cob webs bugged him too, that, or he is very indulgent man!!

The ceiling had more treasures than the rain forest style rope-like cob webs. The bat shaped pinyata for example  (hell ... I wish I could spell, even spell check is stumped on this one! You know, the child's game from mexico where you bit open a cute object and candy falls out)  . I had mixed feelings about him (her?), I think maybe because halloween was is so close, or maybe because he (she?) was there first after all. Maybe he (I'm calling him a boy) longed to be set free or maybe he loved it there, having his private warehouse. I decided he had to come down but the garbage can seemed a bit harsh (picture Tim rolling eyes now) 

I was stoked to find him a new home with one of the painters !! (Bet the wife loved seeing that come through the door, kids or not)

with new lights and paint the place looks like a palace, honest you guys are gonna love it...

 thanks Kaj and Monica for helping with the colors, only the top designers will do!!

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  1. Wow, those doors really look great. Don't know if you are aware, but there are static decals that you can have custom made. One thought is that you could have oft quoted sayings printed up and put on the doors or just the Ace logo... Plus there are static cling "films" you can buy that have all kinds of textures that you purchase by the foot. You can make it like leaded or stained glass or with Bamboo etching etc. I think it's a great opportunity to get creative!