Friday, September 30, 2011

week three

It is my pleasure to introduce Robert! He is doing a ton of the work as well as being the first person that saw the space, I brought him to advise me. He shrugged his shoulders and said "sure, we can do this". Robert makes everything and anything seem possible! He has a solution for everything!
He is the one that has his equipment at Brisbane and he will be moving with us from Brisbane, he is one of the ace family for sure!

This weekend wraps up week three..... wish I could remember the day I gave Brisbane my 30 days notice! Shoot I hate that when that happens! I'm not too worried as I'm sure they would be happy to collect rent from me. I really am feeling pushed to get done. Some days it feels like we are moving mountains and some days I feel like we will never get done.
The major demo is done except in the student reception area where I want sliding glass doors, that way we can see who is on the other side and what dogs are around the entrances to the two separate training spaces. It will also give us more natural light in the training rooms. It will be so nice to have SUN SHINE!!

This is (was) the  student reception area as of last week. Tim is in charge of this room so it promises to be very special!! This carpet is now at the dump and the wall is all fixed

Tim is in the same room here painting. He was SO NICE when I told him I changed my mind about painting the ceiling (now I want to and he just got started painting the walls!) that opens the can of worms about the ancient tract lighting that no modern day light canister can fit... HEY! anyone have any ancient lights that would fit in these old tracs ??? I will pay a buck two ninety eight for them!

OK, now lets talk some WALLS. This wall is 80 feet long and 25 feet high, with LOTS of holes. BIG and EXPENSIVE are the words here. Please eel free to buy an ACE shirt or pick up a drop in class, now would be a good time :)!

this is the color for the main training area but we decided today it was too  dark, so  back to the drawing  board on this step!

Elena came by to do her best with one hand.We are not picky!!! She  promptly went to the job board and  changed the title of the section I had I labeled "women's work". I thought of it as a joke since a women is at the helm anyway!!
the board now reads " light work" and she did plenty of it!!
My mom has been working her  tail off  everyday AND she listens to every decision that has to be made, in detail!! I could not do it with out her, she is my inspiration even when I'm yelling STAY OFF THE LADDER !!

I"m having a hellva time getting this text and photos to go where I want them too, it was so easy the first time I did it! If anyone knows how to do this dumb blog thing PLEASE help me !!!

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