Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the craigs list help

the first 10 days or so was about Demo and finding people to do it. I could not afford to pay for demo and the wood was in great condition. I started looking for people to demo for trade in wood.  Chris Joy (honest) was a great find ! He needed wood to build a book shelf to sell.
Chris took down some major shelving in exchange for the wood, we were both very happy.

this is the monster unit he took down in about 3 hours. It is 12 feet high.

 Chris came back last week and took down the room off the bathrooms... he really like being part of the project. He has a cat.
It is 17 and his girlfriend always thinks it is sick.... at 17 who could sure.
 OK, so I think he is cute, so sue me!

this is JT, I did not get many bites on the big security gate but I did not want to pay someone to take it down and remove it. SO I told JT  he could have it for free, he was super nice but I think the job got the better of him. He cut the legs off leaving stumps  ( I forgot to tell him the rules) and left 2 panels behind. A scrap metal guy took them away for free so it all worked out OK. His dog is 5 and has had a cruciate repair (TPLO) and cancer, but he has good pet insurance.

David got off "peeling stickers off walls duty" and finally got to do some DEMO too (and lots of it) 
the way he went at that stuff with the sledge hammer had me wondering if maybe I'd been a bit too bossy that day!

Tim came aboard in a big way last week (week before maybe) and started prepping walls  for painting. I really wish I had gotten photos of the huge holes in all the walls. No one will ever believe how bad they were. Tim keeps me sane and always has great ideas! Cage sends his good ideas through Tim. We laugh a lot, usually. We swear sometimes too....

Last week we also got  three rooms painted and some carpet laid in my office... I did not get photos of that!!! crap!!
I'm really mad about the carpet layer cause that was my mom's nephew who was visiting from southern ca. and we won't see him again!!

I will recap this week soon.  thanks for all the support in so many ways!

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